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CyberHornets Community in the TCG Metaverse


Project/Scenario Description: 

Objective: Collaboratively create a dynamic space within TCG Gaming Metaverse for the CyberHornets community. 

Partnerships: Joint efforts with CyberHornets and TCG to cultivate a multifaceted platform for community engagement. 


Developing a space that caters to the diverse needs of the CyberHornets community. 

Integrating interactive features and recreational elements for a well-rounded user experience. 


Collaborative Innovation: Partnered with CyberHornets and TCG to create a vibrant hub for community members. 

Versatile Platform: Designed a multifaceted space enabling casual hangouts, event organization, and participation in diverse activities. 

Interactive Features: Integrated elements that facilitate learning, networking, and camaraderie, reflecting a united community spirit. 


Thriving Community Hub: The collaborative effort resulted in a lively space catering to various community needs. 

Event Diversity: Users can now enjoy a spectrum of events, from informative seminars to recreational activities. 

Unified Experience: The space embodies a thriving and united community, enhancing the overall experience for CyberHornets members. 

Showcasing Our Strengths: 

Collaborative Expertise: Demonstrates our ability to collaborate seamlessly with multiple partners (CyberHornet and TCG). 

Versatility: Highlights our capacity to create multifaceted platforms, blending community engagement with recreational elements. 

Innovation: Showcases our innovative approach in crafting dynamic spaces within gaming metaverses.

Lapsus Next’s Perspective: 

“Embarking on innovative projects like this with CyberHornets and TCG is what keeps Lapsus Next at the forefront of digital experiences. Our commitment to creating vibrant, engaging spaces aligns with our core values. It was an amazing experience working on this project, and we look forward to more opportunities to push the boundaries of digital collaboration and community-building.” 

If you are looking to foster a thriving community in the metaverse? Partner with Lapsus Next to create a dynamic hub for your audience. Our collaborative approach, as seen with CyberHornets and TCG, guarantees a vibrant and engaging metaverse community tailored to your brand.

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