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F10 – FinTech Incubator & Accelerator

ClientTenityly (Formaly F10)DateFebruary, 2020Share

Project/Scenario Description:

Objective: Construct a dynamic space in the Decentraland metaverse for Tenitly’s monthly and yearly events, incorporating livestreaming capabilities. 

2. Challenges: 

Crafting a space that accommodates both monthly and yearly events seamlessly. Ensuring the integration of livestreaming technology for a robust virtual experience. 

3. Solution:

Versatile Design: Created a scalable space capable of hosting both regular and annual events, accommodating varying audience sizes. 

Livestream Integration: Implemented advanced livestreaming technology for a seamless virtual experience, enhancing audience engagement. 

4. Results/Outcomes: 

Event Success: The Decentraland space became a hub for Tenitly’s events, providing an immersive and interactive experience for attendees. 

Enhanced Livestreaming: Livestreaming capabilities garnered wider participation, making events accessible to a global audience.

5. Showcasing Our Strengths:

Adaptability: Demonstrates our ability to create scalable spaces for different event frequencies. 

Technical Expertise: Highlights our proficiency in integrating advanced livestreaming technology into virtual spaces. 

Client Collaboration: Showcases our collaborative approach in working closely with Tenitly to meet their specific event needs.

6. Lapsus Next’s Perspective:

“Working with Tenitly to bring their events into the Decentraland metaverse was an exciting journey. Integrating sports events with future technology presented both challenges and opportunities. At Lapsus Next, we thrive on pushing boundaries and creating unique digital experiences. This project was not just about building a space; it was about redefining how sports and technology converge in the metaverse. We look forward to more such challenges, excited to explore the uncharted territory of sports and metaverse integration, and eager to collaborate on even more groundbreaking projects in the future.”