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Why Branding Is Important for Startups

Why Branding Is Important for Startups

To understand how branding can help startups, we first need to understand what branding does to a viewer. Sit back, take a cup of coffee, and let’s understand how branding can help a business especially in the early days.

If we put it in simple words, I will say that entrepreneurs mostly enter the business world with an idea – not a brand. This idea may be so deeply personal that it’s difficult for other people to understand. That’s why you need branding

I will explain the benefits of branding in 5 points:

1 . Your audience understands why they need you.

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With the help of branding, you explain to your audience their needs and how you perfectly fit their criteria. People understand their problems better and then realize how you are a perfect fit for them. As our creative director, Manish says:

“Branding is not about selling, it’s about telling people how you are a part of others life”

Manish Kumar

2. It provides you and your company a clear direction in the Market.

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Highly successful businesses have well-established visions and values. When those values and vision get delivered to the audience properly, it increases company respect and emotional connection with the customers. This is the reason why big brands rebrand themselves, they clarify their audience about their new direction and vision and increase the profits.

3. Yes branding does increase sales/profit. But how?

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I know you all are dying to know that does it increase sales and profit and if yes then how? The explanation is long and heavy so I will keep it short.

Branding does not instantly increase sales and profit, but it does it slowly and indirectly. To understand this think about your favorite song and think about how you always want your friends to listen to it and always eager to share it. That’s how branding works, it creates fans who spread words about you and they are eager to convert more and more audience for you. 

4. Backs up Marketing and Advertising Effort.

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It makes the organization stand apart from different organizations in its industry. Great marketing centers around “why” an organization does what it does. Advertising can be backed up by branding, and make your process less painful as you already know your direction.

5. Creates Trust and Satisfaction

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If you are a startup, trust is the only factor that can help you gain customers. If they don’t trust you, they won’t support you. Let’s understand it with an example, Think about big companies like TATA or Mahindra, why do you always think their products would be good? Have you ever realized why you trust their product more than any other? This is what branding does, It ESTABLISHES you as a company or Brand.

These are some of the major reasons why one should always opt for branding instead of ignoring it. Even if you are a startup in the early stage and going for funding, proper branding helps you establish your idea in front of investors and other parties.

Does this article help you understand branding more clearly? If yes then please share it with someone who might need help with it.

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