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Website Design Trends of 2020 – Part 2

In the previous blog, we spotted 5 important Website Design trends that will make a serious impact on the web design world this year.
Here is another set of 5 Website Design Trends that could make your website more user-centric and help in achieving your business goals.

6. Inclusivity 


To make your product more valuable the product needs to reflect its users. Without this, the users will see a refusal instead of the acceptance of the product. You tend to deliver the message “You don’t belong here.” Designing for inclusivity — and ultimately, for UX — then means making space for our audience within the products we build.

7. Mobile-First Approach

Every year, more people are looking at your website on their phones rather than desktop and also judge any particular brand with their website.


Therefore designers and developers are adopting the Mobile-First Approach to design any particular website. This means that instead of using the old approach of designing for desktop first and then adjusting for mobiles, they design for mobile-first and then adjust for desktops. 

All the designers need to note that – Mobile-first is a trend that is quickly moving away from trend status towards good practice in web design. 

8. Minimalistic + White Space Design

Minimalistic – the old approach of designing is back with some large swaths of white spaces. The reason, why minimalism works, is that they are elegant, beautiful, and easy to understand (making them highly usable).


The main principles of minimalism in web design:

  1. User-friendly Interface
  2. Hidden navigation
  3. No more than three colours at once
  4. Lots of Interactive Space
  5. Experimentation with fonts.

Minimalism in web design means simplifying the interface by removing unnecessary elements. In short – ” Do More with Less”

9. Dark-Mode Design 

With numerous users choosing “dark mode” on apps and for things like email, it’s no surprise that more websites also are creating designs with a dark aesthetic. (Users have said they need and use it, so designers are delivering.)

The reason, why the “Dark-Mode” Designs are trending, is because dark interfaces are complemented with bright accent elements and easy to read typography to ensure that the design is readable.

For example – Arara Bicycles does it with almost-neon accent colours and animation with bold lettering

10. Custom-Made Illustrations with Touch of Vintage Colours. 

Use of Illustrations is proving to be an effective visual tool to communicate a brand message. Unlike stock photography, illustrations can be tailored to suit the tone of a company. This helps a brand stand out in a marketplace. If you imagine how future website designs will look like, include custom illustration as a trend. 

And to make the Illustrations work out to add a touch of Vintage colours into them. Yes, Retro designs have started gaining popularity with a comeback of vintage colours. You would also want to consider using some of the vintage typography to make a statement when it comes to what you are going to show the world.

In a Nutshell, Website Designs in 2020 should be Minimal, experimented with different fonts, filled with Bold Colours and topped with illustrations.

Thus, In 2020, we expect to see websites which are experimented with different types of fonts, colours, graphics and yet is minimal, user-centric, aesthetic and functional website.

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