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Graphic Design Trends 2020 for Digital Nomads

A new decade, a new year and yes new graphic design trends. 2020 marks the start of the new decade and also for fresh thinking and novel approaches to come to the fore.

So as we move from the 2010s to the 2020s, what are the emerging graphic design trends we should be keeping an eye on? 

Read on as we reveal the graphic design trends that cover everything from logo design and illustration to web graphics and social media which look set to be big in 2020. 

01. Intensifying minimalism – Flat Design 

Flat Design-Graphic Design Trends - Lapsus Next
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At the end of the 2010s, we have seen minimalism growing. The world of digital is dominated by flat design. And the designers at Lapsus Next believe that the trend is only going to intensify as we enter the 2020s.

“As we see the current market and current psychology of the users – the design will continue to move from minimalism to flat design. Flat design is basically the upgraded version of the minimal design system. The characters can now express a lot more than they used to and this definitely helps to connect with the audience.” says the Creative Director of Lapsus Next.

Adding to this the web designer of Lapsus Next says “The colours will also be in perfect blent in the flat design system. This will, in turn, make the design stand out and speak to the crowd.”

2020 will see the design shift towards the interactive white-light-luxury brand colour palette making it friendlier and warm.

02. 3D Graphics

3D-Graphic Design Trends - Lapsus Next

The latter half of the 2010s experienced a rise in the use of 3D graphics and obviously, it won’t fade away so quickly. The increase in modern technology and software capabilities make the creation of such 3d Graphics possible and somewhere easy too.

Therefore, we will keep seeing more awesome 3D graphic design compositions. Moreover, to be more creative, designers will often combine it with other realities, such as photos and 2-dimensional objects.

03. New Typography Approach

In the digital age, typography has always been a critical element of graphic design. Typography makes immediate sense and connects with the new users. In the latter phase of the 2010s, the typography has become bigger, bolder and more experimental.

Designers are proving that even a composition that limits itself to white space and text can still be adventurous with bold typographic forms.

04. Line Art

Line Art - Graphic Design Trends - Lapsus Next

The trend of outline typography and elements which have been quite popular in the second half of the 2010s and in 2020 it will evolve into fully illustrated and animated line art patterns and designs. Line art is great for conveying the concept and ideas. It looks clean, elegant, and unobtrusive. Line art is one of the preferred decoration styles by graphic designers in 2020.

05. Image and Text Masking.

Though Image and text masking isn’t a new technique to the design world yet it still looks quite modern in 2020. This technique helps in achieving a mysterious and minimalist look.

In 2020, designers will keep creating compositions with image and text masking by sticking to typography trends to achieve the desired effect.

Graphic design trends 2020 are just the beginning! 2020 will be about diverse elements coming together – the past and the future, the geometric and the organic, the real and the artificial. But definitely, the graphic design trends in the 2020s are off to an electrifying start.

To conclude,

Graphic Design Trends in 2020 are going to be super diverse and minimal. 2020 will be a blend of bold and experimental typography with 3D Graphics, Line arts and many more amazing trends.

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