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12 Types of Written Content: Part 2

In the previous blog, we took a look at the 6 types of written content in depth. Now it’s time to look at 6 more types of written content. Because as we stated earlier in the digital marketing world, the text content has the highest priority.

So let us again try to figure out, the different types of written content:

6. FAQs

No matter you sell products or you sell services, you should add a FAQ page on your website. As the page will help the users in answering their queries and questions. And to add on to your products or services you can in-fact make them aware of your industry and the potential that you showcase. And it’ll not only help in digital marketing but will also ease the process of solving customer queries. You can make a FAQ list for the questions which are usually asked to your customer care.

7. Articles

If you haven’t considered this yet, you definitely should. You may think it is complicated or out of fashion but writing articles is still one of the best ways to increasing visits to your website. Articles can be used to add the subscription to your newsletters, as you can share the information about it. You can easily inform your client about the various topics that concern them. You can educate them in detail. And SEO is a benefit that you can’t ignore. And once you have written an article, you can use social media to get footfall on your product or service.

8. SEO content writing

Now we can go on and on about the importance of SEO. You might have heard this term numerous times. And to your surprise, let us tell you, SEO content writing is a specific category of content writing. It is of the highest priority in the Digital Marketing food chain. There are certain meta tags and keywords that are used in a mix to make sure a perfect SEO rich article is prepared. Some specific writers are trained in this skill. And you should look for the good ones.

9. Template & Checklist Downloads

You must have the trend of templates going across social media these days. It is the same. You can simply make a certain valuable checklist or a fun template for users to engage with and offer it for free. It won’t take your much time to create and execute and in return, you’ll gain the users’ interaction to say your free newsletter subscription.

10. User Manuals

Whenever you sell a product, you must attach a user manual to it. You can provide an online user manual as well. It contains all the information about the product and its specifications so that the user knows every single detail about the product and is not lost in the process. By this, you become the helping hand of the user, that they will need a certain point.

11. Long-form Content

Forms often are used to increase a certain matrix. For example, you can use long-form content to easily gain more subscribers. All you have to do is engage the audience with your message such as, Subscribe to stay updated with the latest release of the new Article. And the user will feel tempted to engage with this option. You can easily attach certain URLs. People like this content to get a crisp knowledge in one place. And it benefits you in return as well.

12. Technical writing

If your business focuses more on technical aspects and you want your audience to understand the details of these aspects, you’ll engage in technical writing before thinking about the SEO points of the content. Products like electronics, gadgets, engineering, and robotics, etc need some deep down understanding to elaborate the same to the audience. And as a service provider, you always want your audience to understand the aspects in depth. Hence, you engage with technical writing to fulfill the bridge between your products and your audience.

These were the 12 types of written content that you must know in detail. Content is the key to the success of your business and you surely don’t want to leave even a single rock unturned.

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