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12 Types of Content Writing: Part 1

Photo by Lisa from Pexels

Do you even realize that there is more than one form of Content Writing? You may come across them at various junctures in your work daily but you often fail to categorize them. It is very important to understand the various types, no matter if you are an employee or an employer. 

Especially in the digital marketing world, text Content Writing has the highest priority. So let us try to figure out, the different types of written content:

1. Blogs

Just as you’re reading over here. It is a perfect example of blog content. For any organization, blogs help them in the best possible manner to increase their reach in the digital marketing world. Blogs have been outperforming in all senses to the firms. They not only increase their networking possibilities but also boost their lead generating methods.

2. Press Release Writer

Be it a new product that your company is launching or a new service that you have started, a press release will simply help you to put your word out there and inform your customers throughout the funnel to be updated with your company’s latest updates. Often firm arranges various exhibitions or conducts workshops or events, a press release for the same keeps the audience engaged with them. It is a great part to boost sales indirectly. It creates great brand value and increases the opportunities to gain some more presence.

3. Case Studies

Over the years case studies about the clients have proved to be one of the biggest sales boosters in the business. It increases the rate of conversion. You can in fact prepare case studies for your products or services and the clients can understand the in-depth details about your offerings.

It allows you to provide a standout vision against your competition. And you can showcase your depth as a company. You can use stories to show your capabilities and can build trust in the mind of your visitor.

4. Guides

Guides often directly target the ones who are at the bottom of the funnel in the lead structure. Usually, the competition in the keywords is less in this category. What else you need for a great SEO? It is a simple trick that can generate a lot of leads for your business.

You will often come across various demos that businesses upload on their websites or various blog posting sites. All these are useful to gain trust among users as you’re helping them to understand a product much better. Often people use this for creating backlinks. They simply upload guides or demo videos on YouTube and attach a backlink to their guide on their own website.

5. Testimonials

I hope you haven’t been undermining this great variety of content writing. Never underestimate the great opportunities that are created by online reviews. Because almost everyone will trust your brand once they observe that there are many more who believe in your services or products. People tend to bond well through testimonials. Once again it is the best way to attract customers at the bottom of the sales funnel. As for them, the stories from your other clients will matter a lot. And if they can relate to those testimonials, you’ll definitely fetch a new customer. 

6. Ebooks

A firm can target a mass audience through e-books especially when e-commerce platforms like Amazon have made it too easy to publish one. It provides companies with a long list of emails for their newsletters or sponsored advertisements or to push various offers in the inbox of people.

The biggest advantage of e-books for a company is to establish brand recognition in the market. They can easily convey the story through their CEO as an Author or writing a book from the company’s perspective.

Read the Part 2 to know 6 more types of content. For any query, you can connect with us anytime.

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